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Special Effects

Our range of special effects have been designed to compliment the Tempest wave system and give the most realistic training environment within a survival training pool, with these it is possible to recreate storm conditions at sea, and vary these to suit the training exercise being undertaken, or skill of the participants involved.

With the paramount importance of safety in the offshore industry, air/sea rescue, and the military, including these special effects ensures the best possible training conditions to prepare for such events in the future.

Thunder and Lightning

This comprises of a special lighting unit programmed to give realistic flashes of lightning along with an automated thunder sound track licked via plc to trigger at the correct time in relation to the lightning flashes. Control of this system is via the main control panel with options on being run in sequence by a plc or on demand by the operator.

Gale Force Wind

Two gale force wind generators are located at one end of the pool and fixed in position such that they direct a strong wind across the entire surface of the pool. They can be operated alone or as part of an automated special effects sequence.

Torrential Rain System

The rain is directed onto the pool surface from an overhead manifold system with special high flow nozzles, in some cases two manifolds can be incorporated to enable the severity of the rain fall to be controlled.  Generally the water supply for the rain is drawn from the return line of the pool filtration system and delivered via a booster pump.   As with the other special effects the rain system can be used alone or as part of an automated special effects sequence.