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Wave Generating Hardware

The Tempest range of wave generators are designed to produce a range of very realistic sea conditions within a controlled environment.

The equipment has been refined over the last 25 years to give unrivalled performance both in terms of wave characteristics and long term reliability.

The Tempest wave generator is capable of producing waves anywhere from 500mm to 1800mm high all controlled from a remote panel allowing the operator to vary the wave height or formation at the flick of a switch.

In addition we have designed special wave absorption chambers that ensure accurate repeatability of any wave formation, thus making any survival training exercises the same for every group of users.


Tempest 1

This is our smallest Tempest wave system and typically has 2 – 3 wave chambers powered by a single 37kw fan set to produce waves in the region of 500mm to 1200mm. As with the larger tempest 2 system this smaller machine can also be used in conjunction with the full range of special effects such as wind, rain, and thunder & lightning.

Tempest 2

This system typically has between 4 – 8 wave chambers, and can be powered by either 55kw or 75kw fan sets to produce a wide variety of different wave formations with a range of heights anywhere between 500mm & 1800mm. When used in conjunction with the special effects this system produces the most realistic sea conditions ever.

Control System

The control system is custom designed for each individual project, typically it allows the operator to choose both the wave height and wave formation, and where special effects have been incorporated it will also allow the operator full control over these, for example all effects can be run by the plc to give a random effect, or the plc can sequence each effect to suit any specific condition.